Appreciation is a True Gift.

Share your appreciation with someone today, everyday. How quickly we may forget how someone provided us an opportunity when all doors were closed. How someone may have uplifted us at our darkest times. How great men and women fought for the freedoms we get to enjoy, all while putting their lives at risk. 

Furthermore, we should be cognizant of the tough circumstances and situations we’ve found ourselves in, that strengthened us and made us more wholesome and aware. There’s so much to be appreciative of and it’s easy to think we’ve done it all ourselves, when in all likelihood we did not. 

Every single day is national appreciation day. 
I appreciate every single one of you that have brought wisdom, love, opportunity and happiness amongst other elements into my life. Keep sharing and keep loving.

The Act of showing appreciation is unifying.

Be well and be blessed,
SM ✌🏾❤️🙏🏾