2 years ago, I trained for the half marathon. I always told myself that I would one day partake in a marathon for a great cause. Every week I gave myself a goal to out perform my max mile distance, until I hyperextended my right knee and left ankle in the process. Naturally I stopped and took some time to rest, but at that point I plateaued at 7 miles at a duration of 47 minutes. It was a big accomplishment personally because I have bouts of (sports) asthma which can hit me hard enough where I struggle. 


2 years have gone by and while I’m not training for anything in particular, just the goal of being the healthiest I can be, I gave long distance running a shot last night for the second time since Cinco De Mayo. It’s a Friday night, my allergies were ridiculously bad, but I had an urge that surged through my body.. The urge to be better. So I mentally decided to GO and BE and magic happened. I ran and ran and ran thinking of every single thing I wanted to accomplish, personally, professionally, creatively, bridges I wanted to build and obstacles I wanted to conquer. That mental fuel stimulated me to do what I didn’t think I could and it is the power of positive thinking that gets us out of the depths of our own rubble.


8.23 miles was what I concluded at and it proved one thing that I want to share with you all. GO out there and BE the very best that you can be each day. Be so determined on staying in your lane that you don’t notice the noise working to distract you from your mission. Our body heals itself and rejuvenates with time, so does our mind when we feed it with the essentials (All things positive).


Life is about finding ourselves each day. Every moment is a Renaissance. Each day a rebirth.

One love,