Nature Defined

“Consistent, positive human interaction can fade and at times go static. We need not waste our energy on the pursuit of it, when Mother Nature is the resource of positive energy.”

This could mean a myriad of things:

1) Don’t chase after people that are undeserving or unappreciative of what you have to offer.

2) You don’t need to seek validation. You are enough. 

3) It’s better to be alone in solitude, because that more so than human interaction manifests it’s own positive energy and awareness.

4) In society today, we spend more time distracted on our phones, than engaging in conversation with human beings.

5) Lastly, If by chance you do not have anyone to talk to or anyone that can create time to do so, Nature will always be your life line. 

Feel free to interpret this however way you choose to😁🙏🏾 ————————————————————————