Depth Defined

In life, we at times decide whether or not we like something off of face value alone. I'll use human beings here for this point. We decide whether we like someone, even before they open their mouths, not by their action but because our mental construct can't allow us to, based on our own biases and blockages. It's because the said individual(s) aren't like us or like anyone we've spoken to or similar in appearance to anyone we've let into our lives and so that is the basis behind their value to us. Rendered nonexistent. However, if we were to actually talk, extend an olive branch and try and understand people, that face value can turn into an infinite amount of value that you've invested and manifested in your life in ways you would never imagine. Why? Because you decided to break the chain of command and trust yourself, not societal norms and what factions have taught us, but because you are a human being responsible for the social construct to be rooted in love and progressiveness not standoffishness, arrogance or ignorance.

You have far more depth than what is met by the eye, but still produce a worthy snapshot.

Peace & Blessings,